Watch DVD with Sony Xperia Tablet S

After suffering years of turmoil in digital market, Sony once again tries to gain its market share back with a vengeance. In recent days, Sony not only releases a bunch of Xperia mobiles but also the latest tablet named Sony Xperia Tablet S, a high-end tablet that is likely to rock the digital market. Initially available from September 6th, Sony Xperia Tablet S turns out to be the flagship of Sony tablet with its beautiful design and powerful functions.

Running Android 4.0, Sony Xperia Tablet S is equipped with quad-core Tegra 3 processor, 4G LTE connectivity, 9.4-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1280×800, 8-megapixel rear camera and 1-megapixel front facer. Therefore, Sony Xperia Tablet is even no less powerful than The new iPad or Galaxy Note 10.1 in function. Moreover, users can user Xperia Tablet S as a remote controller via its IR blaster or as a cable for HDTV through the HDMI port. Consequent, Sony Xperia Tablet S turns out to be an ideal device for watching videos and playing games.

However, it is quite difficult for users to watch DVD files with Sony Xperia Tablet S. There are several factors that make enjoying DVD with Sony Xperia Tablet S a hard task: its design as a DVD driver-free tablet and the lacking of corresponding apps. Therefore, to make sure users can play DVDs on Xperia Tablet S, conversion from DVD file to Xperia Tablet S video seems to be a feasible way. However, the method works on the condition that one can find a powerful DVD for Xperia Tablet S converter. To this extent, Windows users can refer to DVD Ripper while Mac users to DVD Ripper for Mac.

Free Download Windows VersionFree Download Mac Version

Step 1: Download and launch DVD Ripper, a powerful DVD to video tool that is designed to help users view DVD files on Xperia Tablet S.

Step 2: Import the DVD. Click “File” and then choose “Load DVD” option in the drop-down menu to input the DVD file for future conversion.

Load DVD

Step 3: Set the output file. In order to make sure users can watch the converted DVD files with Xperia Tablet S, set the output file as MP4 video for Xperia Tablet S in the drop-down menu of “Profile“.

DVD to MP4

Step 4: Specify output video. Click “Settings” button lying next to Profile bar to enter Settings panel. Then set the video parameters in the panel to make the converted DVD file an Xperia Tablet S video. For example set the video size as “1280×800” and the audio codec as “AAC” for Xperia Tablet S.

Edit Xperia Tablet S video

Step 5: Edit the video. Click Edit icon to enter “Video Edit” panel where various editing features are provided. Then specify the video length with “Trim” tab, wipe out the black margin with “Crop” tab, add video effects with “Effect” tab and add watermark with “Watermark” tab.

Edit WMV video

Step 6: Start the conversion. After all those steps, click start button to start the conversion from DVD file to MP4 video for Xperia Tablet S. When the conversion ends, one can play the DVD with Xperia Tablet S freely.

Start the conversion


1. To convert the DVD file to 3D video for Xperia Tablet S, click “3D Settings” icon to enter corresponding panel. Then choose one 3D effect in the drop-down menu and adjust 3D depth with corresponding bar.

2. To convert multiple DVD files for Xperia Tablet S at the same time, click “Edit” button and then select “Merge” option in the drop-down menu. Then those DVD files will be merged into an integrated Xperia Tablet S video.

Free Download Windows VersionFree Download Mac Version

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