How to Import VOB Videos to Windows Movie Maker

As a powerful and popular video editor, Windows Movie Maker has received high reputations for years. Windows Movie Maker is not only powerful in function but also small in storage. However, with the popularization of Windows Movie Maker, its defects are also becoming notorious. The most irritating defect of Windows Movie Maker lies in its limitation to supported video files.

DVD as an important source for video is becoming more and more popular at present. As the container format media, VOB contains digital video, digital audio, subtitles, DVD menus and navigation contents. For user who wants to edit DVD with Windows Movie Maker, he needs to figure out ways to convert VOB videos for Windows Movie Maker.

Since Widows Movie Maker can only support the import of WMV, AVI or MPG files, user needs to figure out some methods to convert VOB videos to WMV, AVI or MPG files. To this extent, this post will provide you two methods to import VOB video to Windows Movie Maker.

I. Change the suffix of VOB video to .avi or .mpg

Though changing the suffix of a video is not a good idea in most times, it at least works here. By changing the suffix of VOB video to .avi or .mpg, Windows Movie Maker will mistake it as AVI or MPEG video. Follow those steps.

1. Open “My Computer” and click “Fold Options” icon below the menu bar. Click “View” tab and then uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types“.

Folder options

Uncheck the option

2. After that, the suffix of the VOB video is available. Right click the VOB video and change its suffix to .avi or .mpg. For example, change VTS_04_1.vob to VTS_04_1.mpg.

3. Now a good way to check whether this way works or not is to play it with Widows Media Player. If Windows Media Player can recognize it, Windows Movie Maker will do the same. So play the MPG file with Windows Movie Maker.

Check with Windows Player

4. Open Windows Movie Maker, choose “Import Video” in the drop-down menu of “Capture Video” and then the MPEG video is imported in Windows Movie Maker.

Import MPEG to Movie Maker

However, although it works, this method is not a perfect one. Sometimes one can import the converted VOB video into Windows Movie Maker, but find he can only hear the audio of the video in the Windows Movie Maker. Therefore he can just edit the audio.

Moreover, different versions of Windows Movie Maker may affect the result of this method. For example with this method a changed VOB video may work in Windows Movie Maker 2.6 while refuse to work in another version of Windows Movie Maker.

II. Convert the VOB video to WMV, AVI or MPG video

A safe way to import VOB video to Windows Movie Maker is to convert VOB video to WMV, AVI or MPEG video with  DVD Ripper. Moreover, DVD Ripper for Mac, the Mac version of DVD Ripper, can be used to convert DVD for iMovie.

Free Download Windows VersionFree Download Mac Version

1. Import VOB video, click “Load DVD” icon and then choose the VOB video and click “OK“.

Load VOB files with DVD Ripper

2. Set the output file as AVI, WMV or MPG video for Widows Movie Maker. You can set the output video file in the drop-down menu of “Profile“. For user who just wants to convert VOB video for Windows Movie Maker, they can customize the drop-down menu to save more time.

Choose format with DVD Ripper

Click “Customise” button in the drop-down menu and uncheck all the option except AVI, WMV and MPG. After that only those three formats are available in the list.

Customize ouput format list with DVD Ripper

Ouput format list after customization

3. Edit the output video. Right click VOB video and choose “Media Edit” option. Then one able to trim or crop the video and add effects to the video.

Trim video with DVD Ripper

Crop video with DVD Ripper

Add effects with DVD Ripper

4. Add 3D effects to the output video. Click”3D Settings” icon, then choose the 3D effects in the drop-down menu and adjust 3D depth with corresponding bar.

Enter 3D Settings panel

Adjust 3D depth with DVD Ripper

After all those steps, user can click convert button to start the process. When the conversion completes, he can import converted VOB video to Windows Movie Maker. Though this method is quite complicated comparing to the first one, it is much safe and reliable. Also one can get an output video with 3D effects.

Those are ways to import VOB video to Windows Movie Maker. Since either of them owns its advantages and disadvantages, user can refer to the one that is most suitable.

Free Download Windows VersionFree Download Mac Version

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