DVD for New Asus Tablet – Play DVD on Asus Vivo Tab RT

In the foreseeable future, the competition of Windows 8 devices will turn white hot. Currently speaking, Windows 8 has become another favored choice as tablet system besides iOS and Android. Right after the releasing of Microsoft Surface and ThinkPad Tablet 2, Asus has unveiled another Windows 8 tablet named Asus Vivo Tab RT. As the first Asus device running Windows RT, the stripped-down version of Windows 8, Asus Vivo Tab RT is equipped with 10.1-inch IPS display owning a resolution of 1366×768, quad-core processor, 32GB storage, 4G network support, built-in NFC and 8-megapixel rear camera. As a consequence, Asus Vivo Tab RT is of high competitiveness in the market place.

With Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, the Windows RT device helps users to enjoy 3D games freely and by using large-size screen, it provides users extraordinary experience on watching videos. However, for those who desire to play DVD on Asus Vivo Tab RT, they may feel disappointed. For one thing, the new Asus tablet is a device devoid of DVD drive; for another, there are no apps to help users view DVD discs with Asus Vivo Tab RT directly. Then how to enjoy DVD on Asus Vivo Tab RT?

A feasible way to manage it is to convert DVD for Asus Vivo Tab RT. However, the conversion only works when one can get a powerful DVD for Vivo Tab RT converter. After the conversion, the Windows RT device can get access to the converted DVD files easily. Therefore, to manage the conversion from DVD file to Asus Vivo Tab RT video, Windows users can refer to DVD Ripper while Mac users to DVD Ripper for Mac.

Free Download Windows VersionFree Download Mac Version

Step 1: Download and launch DVD Ripper, a tool exclusively designed as DVD for Asus Vivo Tab RT converter.

Step 2: Add DVD files. Open the converter, click “File” button and then choose “Load DVD” option in the drop-down menu to import the DVD file for further editing.

Load DVD with DVD Ripper

Step 3: Choose output format. To make sure users can view the converted DVD with Asus Vivo Tab RT, converting the DVD file to MP4 video. Therefore, set the output file a MP4 video for the new Asus tablet in the drop-down menu of “Profile“.

DVD to MP4

Step 4: Specify the MP4 video. Click “Settings” button to enter Settings panel where various video parameters are provided. Then set the MP4 file a decent Vivo Tab RT video with the parameters provided. For example, set the video size as “1366×768“, video codec as “H.264” and audio codec as “AAC“.

MP4 video for Asus Vivo Tab RT

Step 5: Edit the MP4 file. Click “Edit” icon to enter Video Edit panel where various editing features can be traced. Then edit the MP4 video with this DVD to MP4 converter. For example, set the video length with “Trim” tab or add video effects with “Effect” tab.

Edit MP4 video

Step 6: Start the conversion process. After all those steps, click Convert button to begin the conversion process from DVD to Asus Vivo Tab RT file. When the conversion ends, one can play the converted DVD on Asus Vivo Tab RT freely and easily.

Start the conversion


1. To convert 2D video to 3D movie for the latest Asus tablet, clicking “3D Settings” icon to enter corresponding panel. Then choose one 3D effect provided in the drop-down menu and adjust 3D depth with corresponding bar.

2. To convert multiple DVD files for the first Asus Windows 8 device, click “Edit” button and then choose “Merge” option in the drop-down menu. As the conversion ends, those DVD files will be merged into an integrated MP4 video for Asus Vivo Tab RT.

Free Download Windows VersionFree Download Mac Version

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