2 Methods to Edit FLV File with Windows Movie Maker

“Are there any decoders for Windows Movie Maker to help me edit FLV with Movie Maker?” As a format widely used by online video websites, FLV is featured by small storage and fast loading speed. When users try to download YouTube videos, they will usually get FLV files. Consequently, editing FLV files with powerful video editors like Windows Movie Maker seems to be quite necessary on some occasions. For example, when they want to use insert the FLV files into PowerPoint, they need to polish the FLV files with certain video editors in the first place.

Then why will Windows Movie Maker be chosen to edit FLV file? As a powerful editor small in storage and powerful in function, Windows Movie Maker is a more favored editing tool for most users, especially for Windows users. However, since Windows Movie Maker merely supports the import of videos in .mpg/.avi/.wmv formats, one will need to figure out a way to import FLV file into Windows Movie Maker for further editing.

A feasible way to help users edit FLV file with Movie Maker freely is to convert the FLV file for Movie Maker so that one can edit the converted FLV file with Windows Movie Maker freely and easily. To this extent, two methods on editing FLV file with Windows Movie Maker are provided in this tutorial.

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First Method: Convert FLV to MPG

The simplest and easiest way to manage the conversion from FLV to MPG is to change the suffix of the FLV file from “flv” to “mpg“. However, there are several defects to employ this method. For one thing, it fails to work for every FLV file; for another, the video file may be damaged after one has changed the suffix. However, for those who are ready to try this method, they can refer to those steps.

Step 1: Open “My Computer” and click “Fold Options” icon below the menu bar. Click “View” tab and then uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types“.

Uncheck the option

Step 2: After that, the suffix of the Flash video is available. Right click the FLV file and changes its suffix to .mpg. For example, change Ted.flv to Ted.mpg.

Step 3: Open Windows Movie Maker and click “Import Video” in the drop-down menu of “Capture Video” to import the FLV file into Windows Movie Maker for further editing.

Import MPEG to Movie Maker

Second Method: Convert FLV to WMV

Comparing with the first method, a more complicated but efficient method to edit FLV via Windows Movie Maker is to convert the FLV file to WMV video with Moyea FLV to Video Converter. Moreover, with this Flash video to video converter, not only the whole conversion process from FLV to WMV is guaranteed but also the output video quality. Therefore, to manage the whole process, follow those steps below.

Step 1: Download and launch Moyea FLV to Video Converter, a FLV for Movie Maker converter.

Step 2: Import the FLV file. To import the FLV file, click “Add” icon in the panel.

Import FLV file

Step 3: Set the output file. To manage the conversion process from FLV file to WMV video for Windows Movie Maker, make the output file a WMV video via the drop-down menu of “Format“.

Convert FLV to WMV

Step 4: Click the conversion. Click Start button to start the conversion process. When the conversion ends, users can now edit the converted FLV file with Windows Movie Maker freely.

Start conversion process


1. Since Moyea FLV to Video Converter is exclusively designed for Windows users, Mac users need to find out other ways to manage the conversion from FLV file to Movie Maker video.

2. In order to customize the video, click “Settings” button lying next to Format bar to enter Profile panel. Then video parameters including video codec, video size, audio size, etc. are provided for customizing.

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