Top 3 Animated 3D Movie with Best Opening Weekend Performance in 2012

When it comes to summer, summer movie matters. As the matches of UEFA EURO 2012 are turning white hot, so is the competition of summer movie market. As more and more blockbusters are about to be released, the summer movie market sees a promising future in the next two months.

Animated movies are always favored in the summer movie market. Following the great success of Madagascar 3, Brave dominated the ranking list last week. As the latest Pixar animated movie, Brave gained over 66.7 million dollars, ranking fifth in all Pixar animated movie in terms of opening weekend performance.

With the adoption of new 3D technologies, Brave may join in the league of top three best Pixar animated movies. Actually, Brave is also the 2012 animated 3D movie with second highest opening weekend revenues. This post will present three animated 3D movie with best opening weekend performance in 2012.

1. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

Opening Week Performance: 70.2 million dollars

As the most successfully animated 3D movie, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax focuses on a story of how a little boy named Ted manages to find a real tree for his loved girl after going through various difficulties. Ted decides to save the forest with the seeds given by Once-ler who once helped to ruin the forest despite the warning of The Lorax. However, Ted’s plan is prevented by the mayor.

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax is a good animated 3D movie made by the same team that had produced Despicable Me. Besides cute image and environment-protection topic, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax draws people’s attention for being made on the basis of Dr. Seuss’ 1971 book. For those who want to watch this movie with their portable devices, they can convert the DVD with DVD Ripper.

2. Brave


Opening Week Performance: 66.7 million dollars

With three-year preparation, Pixar once again dominated movie market with its latest animated 3D movie, Brave. The movie mainly tells about how Princess Merida brings chaos to her kingdom in an accident. To rescue the kingdom from the old curse, Princess Merida must take full advantage of her bravery and wisdom to go through various adventures.

In order to publicize the movie, Disney cooperated with Imangi Studios to release a game named Temple Run: Brave at the same time. As the first fairy tale movie made by Pixar, Brave is promising to maintain its dominance in the ranking list this week.

3. Madagascar 3: European’s Most Wanted

Madagascar 3

Opening Week Performance: 60.3 million dollars

Though Madagascar 3 was beaten by Brave last week, it had still been topped the ranking list for two successive weeks. The movie mainly tells about how the four friends attempt to get back to the US by joining in a travelling circus. In Madagascar 3, they will go through various adventures in European with the penguins and the lemurs.

It is said that the box office revenues of Madagascar 3 is expected to excess six hundred million dollars. Madagascar 3 had gained over 278 million dollars in box office in ten days, making it the most successful movie in Madagascar trilogy. Of course, the performance of the penguins and lemurs is also very impressive.

Those are the top three animated 3D movies with best opening weekend performance in 2012. For Brave and Madagascar 3: European’s Most Wanted, only trails are available on YouTube. To download them, users can refer to Moyea Free FLV Downloader.

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