Top 3 3D Media Players with 2D to 3D Feature

After going through major ups and downs, the film industry is now welcoming a new era of 3D movie. Since the tremendous success of The Avatar several years ago, 3D technologies have become a main stream in the movie market. As a consequence, the increasing demand for 3D movies has stimulated the innovations of 3D technologies. Nowadays, people can not only watch 3D movies freely but also convert 2D video to 3D movie more easily.

Nowadays, the rapid development of 3D technologies has helped people to enjoy 3D movies with 3D media players, 3D computers and 3D TVs. To enjoy 3D movies on 3D TV or 3D computer, one needs to download 3D movies first. However, a powerful 3D media player can easily help users get rid of this trouble with 2D to 3D feature. Users are allowed to watch 3D movies by converting 2D films to 3D movies with just a few clicks.

Therefore, this post will display top three 3D media players with 2D to 3D feature. Of course, for those who want to watch 3D movies with 3D TVs and 3D computers, they can convert the 2D videos to 3D movies with 2D to 3D converters like Video Converter.

1. KM Player

KM Player

As a free 3D media player, KM Player can not only enable users to watch videos of all formats but also convert them to various other video files with just a few clicks. Moreover, one can easily enjoy 3D movies with KM Player via its 2D to 3D feature. To convert 2D videos to 3D movies, users just need to right clicks the video and choose “3D Screen Control“. Then various 3D effects like red/cyan, red/blue, color anaglyph and half color are available for selection.

2. 3D Video Player

3D Video Player

Though 3D Video Player charges, new users can try the free version for 15 days. By clicking 3D icon in the interface, users can get the 3D movie out of the 2D video with this powerful 3D media player. Then “3D Shift” bar and “3D Depth” bar are provided to help users adjust 3D effects. However, users are not able to choose the 3D effects they want because there are no such options provided in the panel. Moreover, it doesn’t support much video editing features except 2D to 3D conversion.

3. PowerDVD 12

Power DVD 12

PowerDVD 12 is not only a powerful 3D media player but also Blue-ray player. With 2D to 3D feature, one can easily manage the conversion from 2D to 3D with the 3D icon in the panel. Moreover, the 3D media player will automatically search for those 3D devices so that it is able to choose the best 3D effects for the devices. If there are no such devices, the player will provide 3D movies in red/cyan mode. There are also more video editing features provided in the player. However, it not only charges, but also merely supports DVD files.

Those are the top three 3D media players for users to get access to 3D movies. Moreover, it is a much cheaper way to get access to 3D movies with 3D media players providing one needs to pay much more money to buy 3D tickets or even 3D devices. For better ideas on this, please share with us in the message board below.

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