The Evolution of Men in Black Trilogy

Recently the biggest news in movie field is that the unbeatable ruler The Avengers has been driven out of throne by Men in Black III. As the first ranker in three successive weeks, The Avengers had created one miracle after another. While people were expecting The Avengers to surpass Avatar, Men in Black III told The Avengers it was time to make way for newcomers.

Men in Black and The Avengers

Though the 55 million dollars income of Men in Black III in three days was much worse than the 100 million dollars performance in two days made by The Avengers, it was good enough to stop The Avengers from getting the fourth win in the market. After years of waiting, Men in Black III has made a good start.

What makes Men in Black III so attractive? The alien genre, the cooperation of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones and the implement of 3D technology all contribute to the success of Men in Black III. However, the key factor for the success of Men in Black III lies in the great successes of Men in Black and Men in Black II. Therefore, this post will have a view at the evolution of Men in Black trilogy.

1. Men in Black

Men in Black DVD

Released in 1997, Men in Black had gotten nearly 600 million dollars in box office with just a cost of 9 million dollars which had helped it to become the most profitable movie in 1997. It was said that Independence Day made Will Smith impressive and Men in Black made Will Smith unforgettable. While ?E.T.the Extra-Terrestrial had made alien genre moving, Men in Black made it funny and thrilling.

As the first member of Men in Black series, Men in Black had made a good start. In the movie, Agent K and Agent J are agents in charge of monitoring and policing alien activity on Earth. However, they later find the earth is being threatened by an intergalactic terrorist was invading the Earth and the MIB must stop him. After the fighting, Agent K decided to quit in the game.

2. Men in Black II

Men in Black II DVD

Men in Black had helped Will Smith to gain his fame and Will paid back with his performance in Men in Black II. Besides Will style humor, all kinds of weird images of aliens had made Men in Black II extraordinarily interesting and funny. It was so attractive that even Michael Jackson was willing to play a small role in the movie.

In Men in Black II, an old enemy of MIB named Surleena was searching for a powerful The Light of Zartha. Only Agent K knows where the secret of the artifact. Therefore Agent J needs to help Agent K to restore memory in order to stop the conspiracy of Surleena. Though the story gained 440 million dollars in box office, it was severely criticized by media.

3. Men in Black III

Men in Black III

As the last member of Men in Black trilogy, Men in Black III surprised all the fans with such a good start. It is estimated that Men in Black III is promising to get over 1 billion dollars in box office. The cost of Men in Black III has reached to unprecedented 200 million dollars. The 3D, 2D and IMAX versions of Men in Black III are available right now.

In Men in Black III, Agent J needs to travel to the past to stop Agent K from being assassinate. Therefore we will get a new Agent K because Tommy Lee Jones is old. If you miss pug in Men in Black II, you will get disappointed because the pug will not show up in the movie. However, someone will replace its position to make you laugh. As one of the most anticipated 2012 movie, Men in Black III will definitely surprise you.

Those are the evolution of Men in Black series. If you want to watch Men in Black and Men in Black II via The new iPad, you can convert the DVDs to mp4 videos via DVD Ripper. For Men in Black III, you can watch them in the movie or download its video clip from YouTube.

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