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Make And Upload Your Album

Two important issues are under highlight in March this year: the debut of Windows 8 by Microsoft and that of The new iPad by Apple. How time flies! Though Steve Jobs has passed away, the spiritual treasure he had left is thrilling Apple to be the best. Last year, there were many issues worth commemorating, the Tsunami in Hiroshima, the death of Steve Jobs and Whitney, etc.

Making album is an effective way to express your personal feelings towards those issues. It is not like your diary which is private, but it can also express your feelings. Making album is a good way to mourn those who have passed away or share happiness with your friends. In order to make your album more influential, you need to upload them to websites like YouTube and MySpace.
This blog will show you how to make and upload your album to YouTube with Windows Movie Maker and PowerPoint.

Use Windows Movie Maker to edit and upload your album.

1. Open your Windows Movie Maker, click “File” and choose “New Project“.


2. Click “Import pictures” and choose those pictures you want and click “Import“.


3. Right Click each picture and choose “Add to Storyboard“. Then your picture will be shown in “Storyboard“. Right click each picture in the Storyboard and choose “Video Effects” and then you can add video effects to your photos. You can choose transition effect by dragging the effect icon you want into the small box next to the photo.


4. Click “Import audio or music” and choose those audios you want and click “Import“.

5. Right Click each audio and choose “Add to Storyboard” and then you can edit your audio.


6. Click “File” and choose “Save Movie File“, then you can get a video with WMV format so that you can upload it.

This software is quite good since you can get the format you want directly. However, the interface of this software is quite complicated and the operation is quite troublesome. The film you get is definitely WMV file without other selection.

Use PowerPoint to edit your album and upload your album with other software.

1. Open your PowerPoint and click “Insert” in the menu bar and click “Photo Album“.


2. Click “File/Disk” and insert your photos. Choose the photo in each slide and add animation and transition effect to each slide.

3. Now save your PowerPoint and your album has finished. You need software like Moyea PPT4Web Converter to upload it to YouTube.

4. Open Moyea PPT4Web Converter, click “Add” button to add your PowerPoint and click “Customize” to add music and choose transition time between each slide.

Upload PPT to YouTube 2

5. Click “Start” button and then you can upload your video.

This method requires the assistance of other software, but the operation is easier since people are more familiar with PowerPoint. Moyea PPT4Web Converter can convert PowerPoint to mp4/mov/3gp/3g2 file other than flv file. So it can not only help you to upload PowerPoint to YouTube but also make them supported by your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

With those methods, you can now easily make your album.