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The Development Of Five Generations Of PSP

Game is an important entertainment method to relax your mind. The video game console has changed from Nintendo NES to Nintendo Wii. However, in order to make game playing more convenient and popular, handheld game console was released. A fierce batter between Sony and Nintendo started since then.

The PSP is a handheld game console manufactured and marketed by Sony featuring its large viewing screen, robust multi-media capabilities, and connectivity with Internet. Since its release, Sony has updated five generations of this product, starting from PSP 1000 to PSV. This post will have a view at the development of five generations of PSP.

1. PSP 1000


Released on December 12, 2004, this game console has been expected to be the “Walkman” of 21st century. Thousands of people waited in line on the day of its release. With USB 2.0, UMD, Serial Port, 4.3 TFT screen and high resolution of 480 × 272, this PSP received warm welcome in the world. However, it was also noticed by those hackers who decided to hack PSP 1000. An app named “Hello World” was used to crack PSP 1000.

2. PSP 2000

psp 2000

On September 20th, 2007, Sony released PSP 2000 which was regarded as an upgrade version of PSP. Along with 33% reduction in weight and 19% slimmer in thickness, the RAM and internal storage are raised to 64M. Video-out function is also added to this version. You can charge your PSP 2000 while you connect the computer with USB. The sale volume of PSP 2000 amounts to 500,000 in two weeks since its release. However, this version was also hacked. Hacker cracked it with “Pandora magic battery”.

3. PSP 3000


In August, 2008, Sony debut PSP 3000 in Leipzig. There are three colors for selection: black, white and silver. It responds more quickly and you can see the screen more clearly as advanced reflective technology is adapted. Sony puts much emphasis on the protection of its security system to avoid being cracked. It worked for a while but in 2009 hackers claimed their successes over Sony. This time, they made full of the bugs in the image system and cracked PSP 3000.

4. PSP Go


Released in October 1, 2009, PSP Go is a budget-focused model of the PSP which will be available across the PAL region. It adopts sliding cover type design and replaces UMD with 16G internal storage. You could only choose a black version or a white version. The battery is inserted to avoid the issue of “Pandora magic battery”. It is 43% lighter than PSP 3000 with a screen of 3.8 inches. However, Sony stopped the production of this version on April 21, 2011 in order to focus on the promotion of PSV, its latest product.

5. PSV


On June 7th, 2011, Sony officially released the name of its latest product: PS Vita. It is the successor to the PlayStation Portable as part of the PlayStation family of gaming devices. It includes two analog sticks, a 5-inch (130 mm) OLED multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, 3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support. A quad core ARM A9 core processor and a quad core graphics processing unit are also inserted in the device.

After all those years’ development, PSP, with increasingly competitiveness, is becoming more and more powerful. However it is more than a game console, it is more regarded as a multi-function entertainment tool. Expect for games, it can also support multi-media. With its large screen and high resolution, it can support mp4 file with the same image quality as DVD. In order to make full of this function, you need the assistance of software like Video Converter to convert other format(swf excluded) to mp4 file or Moyea SWF to PSP Converter to convert swf to mp4.

Convert SWF Videos For PSP

PSP is a handheld game console manufactured and marketed by Sony Corporation. Nowadays it has become a necessary entertainment tool for young people. With it, you can play popular games like Final Fantasy VII and God of War Chains of Olympus. While working as a game console, it can also be used as a camera or video player.

However, one annoying thing of the PSP is that it can just support videos with specified format: mp4 or pmp. So you need to convert those videos before you can play them. Maybe you have already downloaded a converter with powerful function. However, sometimes you still find that you can’t convert some video files with it since the converter can’t support the format like swf format. Because of this, you need other ways to convert swf files. This blog will show you how to convert swf files for PSP.

The first method is to convert swf files to other popular formats like avi/wnv/mp4, and then to mp4 format supported by PSP. The following will show you the operation.

1. Convert swf file to avi with the help of “SWF to AVI

2. Convert avi file to mp4 file supported by your PSP with the help of Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate.

3. Click “File” in the menu bar and choose “Add Video Files“. Select the avi file you want.


4. Choose “PSP” in the drop-down menu of “Profile“.


5. Click “Convert” button.

This method calls for more energy and time. The first step is quite annoying since you need to add audio to the video by yourself. When converting a video, you need to make the process as simple as possible because the more operation, the more quality loss.

The second method can help you to convert swf file for PSP directly with the help of Moyea SWF to PSP Converter. The operation is also quite easy.

1. Click “Browse” and choose “From Folder” to input video.

2. Click “Export“, choose PSP option in the drop-down menu of “Style“.

3. Click “Convert” and then click “Play and Capture“. After the video finishes, click “Finish” button and then the conversion has completed.

With this method, not only is your time and energy saved, but also the video quality. With Moyea SWF to PSP Converter, converting swf files for PSP is no more such a hard task. You don’t need to bother about the video size of the output file since the software has set it as default. You just need to choose PSP in Style section.

All in all, swf file may have become a headache for many devices like iPod and PSP since most converters can’t read it. However, you can convert it for PSP with Moyea SWF to PSP Converter.