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Top Five Thrilling Freudian Movies

Sigmund Freud was an Austrian neurologist who founded the discipline of psychoanalysis. He gives the world his masterpiece: The Interpretation of Dreams. His book helps people to understand subconscious and dream. Even at present, what this work to psychological field is what Bible to religious.

This theory is so popular that its influence expands in many other fields including film industry. There are some genius directors who apply this theory to their films and make those films popular. Here we call those films thrilling Freudian movies because truths and illusions are mixed together in those films and you can’t understand those films without the knowledge about The Interpretation of Dreams. Here this post will present you the most outstanding five of them.

1. Mulholland Drive

Even though you have watched this film time after time, you are still in confusion. It is a film consists of different apparently irrelative scenes. A woman escapes from a murder, a man is scared to death, a girl comes to US to pursuit her dream, a director is forced to choose a specified actress, etc. You can’t even figure out the main plot of this film, let alone the essence of this movie. This movie combines the reality with the dream, so in order to understand it, you need to identify the illusionary parts and connect them with the reality. David Lynch proves his genius with this movie and Naomi Watts starts her fame from here.

2. Identity

This movie is nothing but illusions because all the stories are based on the illusions. One night, ten people come to an isolated hotel for various reasons, but they go to the same destination: death. Murders happen one after another and one of them is the killer. As their investigation goes on they find they are of the same age with the same birthday by their identity cards. Then they need to find out the killer and his purpose. Many hints exist in this movie to tell you all those things are created by a man with ten personalities. However, you will still be surprised by its ending.

3. Stay

From the beginning of this film, you find many things weird. A Student decides to commit suicide in a few days for no reason and a psychologist named Sam decides to save him. However, things are getting stranger and stranger. Sam meets the student’s mother who is supposed to have died for years and the sky is blooding as the student commits suicide. Of course it turns out all the stories are illusionary. It is a dream, but you can trace the relations between those illusions and the reality in the movie if you are careful enough.

4. Inception

There is no need to describe this movie. The director is praised as the only one who directs with his mind in the era of effect-abused film. What you dream is what exists in your subconscious and your subconscious is powerful enough to convert your beliefs. Almost all the people are talking about this movie since its release and DiCaprio once again gains his fame with this movie. Freud shows people the power of subconscious with his theory while Christopher Nolan tells the same truth with his movie.

5. Spellbound

The beginning of the movie directed by Hitchcock has hinted that the theory of Freud will be applied throughout the film. The character Doctor Edward is actually John, a man with post traumatic amnesia. He is suspected of having murdered Doctor Edward. However, with the help of his girlfriend, a female psychologist, he finds out the truth. The most interesting part is that all the truth lies in John’s dream. His girlfriend analyses the dream for him with The Interpretation of Dreams and finds out the true murderer.

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