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Custoimze Your Player

From silent film to movie with sounds and then to a new era of 3D movie, film industry has gone through major ups and downs and experienced several technological revolutions. Nowadays, more and more effects like 3D effect are added to movies to make the scene vivid so as to provide a visual feast for audiences. As the popularization of personal computer and tablet, people now prefer to watch movies at home rather than in the cinema.

All those lead to the popularization of player like Real Player or Windows Media Player. With the increasingly high standards for movies, people are setting more and more strict rules towards players. So in order to enjoy the movie, they need a player with satisfying appearance to match the movie. What if you are not satisfied with your player such as Windows Media Player? You may need to customize your player.

Take Windows Media Player for example, how can we customize it and make it attractive? You can’t do much except changing its skin. The following part will show you how to change skin for Windows Media Player.

1. Open your Media Player and click “Tool” in the menu bar. Select “Download” option and then choose “Skins“.


2. Then the IE will take you to the official website of Microsoft with various skins for selection. Download those you want.


3. Open Windows Media Player again, click “View” in the menu bar and choose “Skin Mode“, and then the skin will be changed.


For most players, you can download skins from their official website. However if you are not content with some buttons or voice bar, you can do nothing but tolerate. Even though you select a cool skin, others can also get it from the website. The skin you choose may lead you to a totally strange interface and you need to study for a while to handle it. You can’t upload those cool players to your blog or YouTube just to share with your friends. All in all, this method does not help much in customizing your player.

However, you can manage it with software like Moyea Flash Video MX Pro, which can help you to DIY your player. The following part will introduce the operation for you.

1. Open the software, and choose “Moyea Player Box“, then you will see a window, choose “New Blank
” in the “New Project” column if you want to design it by yourself or choose the player model in the “Create By Template” column if you just want to revise some buttons of the template.


2. You will get a tutorial video to teach you how to customize your player. Watch it to help you learn more quickly.

3. Choose the options in the “Control Library” and drag the buttons you want into the player. Customize the position and the size of each button in the player.


4. Click “Preview” button to preview the effect of your customized player. If you are content with your product, click “File” in the menu bar and then select “Save” to template it. Then you have finished customizing your player.

5. If you want to upload your player, do the followings. Close “Moyea Player Box” and choose “Web Video Publish“. Choose the customized player and then click “Next“. Choose videos by clicking “Add” icon and then you can choose export path and play mode of the output videos. Then publish it.


6. After that, you will get a file with video of flv format in it, then you can upload it into your blog. Your video and your customized player will then available for your friends in the blog.

Moyea Flash Video MX Pro not only help you customize your player, but upload it to your blog. You are an absolute master of your player because you can change anything in the interface, the play button, voice bar, background, etc. It can help you to convert videos of various formats to flv files so that you can upload them easily. You can also customize your video by trimming, cropping the video and adding watermark to the video.

So if you are just annoying at the skin of your player, download a skin to beautify your player. If you are annoying at the button or design of the player, download software like Moyea Flash Video MX Pro to customize your player.