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Convert Online Videos To Fit The New iPad

This March witnesses the feasts for IT Industry with so many companies marching forward with their latest hi-tech products. Among them, Microsoft and Apple attract most attention. After Win 8 is debuted in Barcelona this month, many are looking forward to the birth of The new iPad, which many believe will become a new legend.

In order to coordinate with the debut of The new iPad, which was said to be made in December, 2011, many enterprises have introduced their latest products to match The new iPad at that time only to find only iPad 2 was on sale in the market. However, this time almost the whole world witnesses Apple unveiling The new iPad at its press conference on March 7, 2012 and soon people can own this ideal device.

As each coin has two sides, when you get The new iPad, you need to look for applications that can support your magic device. It is said that The new iPad is of high resolution (2048×1536), so it will be a real enjoyment to watch videos on its super screen. In order to do that, you need to download online videos from websites like YouTube, Yahoo, Google, MySpace, Metacafe and Vimeo at first and then convert online videos to mp4 format required by The new iPad.

In the following part, I will show you how to use Moyea YouTube FLV Downloader Pro to convert online videos to The new iPadadoptable mp4 files.

1. In order to convert online video to mp4 file for The new iPad, open FLV Downloader at first.

2. Open a video website and choose the video you want to play on your The new iPad and copy the URL address. Paste the URL address to the software and click “OK” button.
convert online video for the new iPad-1

3. After online video is downloaded, right click it and choose “Convert” option.

4. Click the “Settings” button, choose the “H.264 Video”, customize the size to 2048×1536, which is suitable for The new iPad and click “OK” button. After that you can get appropriate mp4 file for The new iPad.
convert online video for The new iPad-2
5. Put the qualified mp4 file to The new iPad with the help of iTunes.

6. After you finish all those steps, you can enjoy the converted mp4 file with your magic device.

Except for software that can convert online video to mp4 file supported by The new iPad, you need to look for other software that can help you make full of The new iPad and experience the ultimate surprise The new iPad will bring you. Though this legendary device maintains a mystery to us all, many believe it will lead the world to another technological revolution.