Lumia 920 vs Nokia N97: Top 15 Advantages of Lumia 920 Listed from A to O

At the second crossover of failure and success yesterday, Nokia had proved that the long-rumored Lumia 920 was a real hit. Comparing to Lumia 900, Lumia 920 stands out with better camera, larger battery, improved compatibility and faster running speed. Consequently, Lumia 900 turns out to be the new flagship of Nokia mobile. Last year, the shrinking market share had forced Nokia to replace its Symbian mobile with Windows mobile, a best decision in recent years.

Why is a Windows phone more desired than a Symbian mobile? To explain it, getting to the topic of Lumia 920 vs Nokia N97 seems to be quite necessary. Lumia 920 is the flagship of Windows phone while Nokia N97 speaks for Symbian mobile. Moreover, there are several other advantages of studying Lumia 920 vs Nokia N97. For one thing, one can better understand the history of the Finnish company and Nokia mobiles; for another, one can easily comprehend the advantages of Lumia 920.

Though both sides gain their own advantages, the Windows phone seems to be the real winner in the battle of Lumia 920 vs Nokia N97. Therefore, this post will present you top 15 advantages of Lumia 920 over Nokia N97. To make the advantages of Lumia 920 plainly and easily seen, they will be listed from A to O.

Lumia and Nokia N97

A stands for Angry Bird: As one of the most popular mobile games in the world, Angry Bird fails to support Nokia N97. However, it is confirmed that Angry Bird Roost will be first launched on Lumia 900. In other words, comparing with Nokia N97, Lumia 920 can bring users much more funny and popular games.

B stands for Battery: Lumia 920 is equipped with a 2000mAh battery while Nokia N97 only gets a 1500mAh one. With more battery power, Lumia 920 prolongs users’ happy time with the mobile. Moreover, the wireless charge makes Lumia 920 much cooler.

C stands for Camera: Which one do you prefer, a 5-megapixel one or an 8.7-megapixel one? Though Lumia 920 hasn’t provided users the long-rumored 41-megapixel rear camera, it provides users the best 8.7-megapixel camera ever. With the adoption of PureView, Lumia 920 makes photographing extraordinary.

D stands for Display: The game of Lumia 920 vs N0kia N97 is an unfair one when it comes to display. N97 gets a 3.5-inch capacitive touch screen while Lumia 920 gains a 4.5-inch resistive touch screen. Moreover, the touch screen of Lumia 920 is so nice that one can even operate with hands in gloves.

E stands for Email: This is an important advantage of Lumia 920 since email plays an important role in people’s daily life. With the help of Windows 8 system, Lumia 920 can take full advantages of services like Outlook and SkyDive. Therefore, it is much easier to send or receive email. In other words, comparing with N97, Lumia 920 makes communication much easier.

F stands for Facebook: As one of the most successfully social network, Facebook is more and more favored by mobile users. It is said that people spend more time enjoying Facebook with mobiles than with computers. Comparing with Nokia N97, Lumia 920 can make full use of Facebook.

G stands for GIF: When Nokia N97 users are trying to get an app to make Animated GIF images, Lumia 920 users have gotten plenty Animated GIF Images with a function named Cinemagraph. Though it is just a small trick played by Lumia 920, it may make your life more interesting.

H stands for High Resolution: With a resolution of 360-by-640-pixel, Nokia N97 even fails to match with HTC One X. However, the resolution of Lumia 900 amounts to 1280-by-768-pixel, even higher than Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Moreover, one shall notice that the screen size of Lumia 920 is much smaller than that of Galaxy Note 2.

I stands for iPhone: In judging the batter of Lumia 900 vs Nokia N97, iPhone has played an important role. In its competition against iPhone, Nokia N97 was forced to quite the mobile market and failed to stop the falling of Symbian mobile. On the contrary, Lumia 920, who brings Nokia new hope, is designed to compete with the long rumored iPhone 5.

J stands for Joining: The most important advantage of Lumia 920 over Nokia N97 is that it gains a partner named Microsoft. With the joining of Microsoft, the Windows phone of Nokia turns to be better and better. Moreover, with the joining of Microsoft, people regain confidence towards Windows phone like Lumia 920.

K stands for Keyboard: Comparing with the QWERTY keyboard of N97, the virtual keyboard of Lumia 920 makes the mobile nice in design, fashionable in style and powerful in gaming.

L stands for Lens: When taking multiple photos in a short period, the mobile will pick out the best picture where your eyes are wide open via an application named Blink Lens. Therefore, you don’t need to bother selecting those photos one by one like you do in Nokia N97.

M stands for Map: An offline map service is provided to Lumia 920 users so that they won’t be lost in a strange city. Comparing to online map service, users won’t bother about low connecting speed or fast consuming data.

N stands for Network: One can easily get to know the advantages of Lumia 920 when knowing that Lumia 920 support 4G LTE connectivity while Nokia N97 only add 3G network to the supporting list.

O stands for Operating system: This is a crucial factor that decides the winner in the battle of Lumia 900 vs Nokia N97. Needlessly to say, the most updated Windows system, Windows 8, is much more powerful than an outdated system like Symbian OS 9.4.

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