Five Excellent Movies To Watch On Al Pacino’s Birthday

The developing of film industry has provided people a platform to become movie stars. In the history of film, there are plenty of stars coming and leaving the stage. On the stage, some people can just gain their fame for a short period time and some actors, who are called “phenomenon” stars, can enjoy good reputations for a long time.

Al Pacino is one member of those “phenomenon” stars and maybe the brightest one. As a professional actor, he has received a lifetime achievement award from American Film Institute. As a star, he was voted as the greatest film star of all time in a poll by British television viewers in 2003.

His excellent performance has influenced many people and left one classic movie after another. In order to celebrate Al Pacino’s 72th birthday, this post will show you five excellent movies to watch on Al Pacino’s birthday.

1. The Godfather

The Godfather DVD

This movie is a milestone in film history. Due to its success, many gangster movies were made at that time. Al Pacino gained his fame in this movie with his excellent performance. Though the most attractive star in the movie is Marlon Brando instead of Al Pacino, people surprisingly found that the performance of a green hand could be as excellent as Marlon Brando.

Since The Godfather has proved Al Pacino’s talent in performance, attention began to be paid to Al Pacino. Without this movie, Al Pacino couldn’t be that famous while this movie couldn’t that popular without Al Pacino.

2. Scent of a Woman

Scent of a Woman DVD

This is a movie that has helped Al Pacino to get Academy Award for Best Actor. Though his performance was excellent in The Godfather, Marlon Brando was number one hot spot at that time. This time, Al Pacino was the only reason that the film could be awarded. This movie helped Al Pacino to gain unprecedented fame.

You may get to know Al Pacino with The Godfather but you won’t know about Al Pacino without Scent of a Woman. His character, Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade, is blind in sight but clear in mind who dares to speak the truth people are reluctant to admit. His dancing and speech in the movie has haunted in every audience’s heart.

3. The Insider

The Insider DVD

Acting as a journalist of “60 Minutes“, Al Pacino interviews a research chemist who has revealed to the world the evil side of those tobacco tycoons. As a reporter, his responsibility tells him to unveil this interview video regardless of the hurdles lying before him.

In the movie, Al Pacino is fighting alone. He perfectly shows the helplessness and grievance of the character with his performance. This is another movie that Al Pacino could impress you with his performance.

4. S1m0ne

Simone DVD

In this movie, Al Pacino is a famous director whose career is downhill just because he refuses to direct movies used for commercial purposes. His values towards film are regarded as old-fashioned. In order to prove himself, he decides to create a virtual star named Simone who turns out to be famous.

As Simone becomes more and more popular, Al Pacino finds his life is total messed up. People has paid more attention to a virtual star than to his real art. When Al Pacino tells the world the truth, no one believes him.

5. You Don’t Know Jack

You Don't Know Jack DVD

Though getting older and older, the performance of Al Pacino is getting better and better. In You Don’t Know Jack, Al Pacino is a doctor named Jack who defies Michigan law to assist the suicide of terminally-ill persons. However, around him are just people with their private purposes. After they have gotten what they want, they stand out to fight against Jack.

The performance of Al Pacino in the movie is just brilliant. He successfully shows the image of a determined doctor who really wants to help patients in every possible ways including violating the law.

So those are the five outstanding movies acted by Al Pacino. On his birthday, you can watch them with DVD player or convert the DVDs to mp4 files for iPad with DVD Ripper so that they are accessible to the portable device.

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