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SWF is an Adobe Flash file format used for multimedia, vector graphics and action script. SWF file can contain animations or applets of varying degrees of interactivity and function. Because of this, swf is a quite unique format. You can interac with those swf file, hence many funny games are created as swf files.

Due to its uniqueness, it is quite different to convert swf file to other file. Sometimes you may find a swf video that is really funny and you want to convert it to flv file so that you can upload it to YouTube. However, you will find that unlike other video formats, few converters will support this format, let alone convert it. If you are facing this trouble, this post may help you to convert swf file to flv file.

A general idea of this converting process is that you need to convert swf files to other popular formats such as avi. Since it is a popular format, you can easily convert avi file to flv file.

1. Download “SWF to Avi“, free software to help you convert swf file to avi file.

2. Click “Open SWF” to input the video you want to convert. Click “Audio” and follow its instruction to record the voice of the video. Otherwise, the video you get will be a silent one.

3. Click “Start Convert” and then choose the output place. Click “Stop Convert” to finish the whole process.

4. Convert avi file to flv file with “Emicsoft FLV Converter“. Click “Add File” button to add input file.

5. Choose the output format in “Profile” and then click Convert button.

This method is quite annoying because you need some software to assist you. With “SWF to Avi“, you even need to add the audio by yourself. Generally speaking, this method not only loses effects of the original file, but also lowers the quality of the video.

Therefore, you may want software, which is rare in the market, to convert swf file to flv file directly. Luckily, you can convert swf files to flv format with Moyea SWF4Tube Converter. The operation is quite easy.

1. Click “Browse” and choose “From Folder” to input the video.

Moyea SWF4Tube Converter

2. Click “Export” to choose output position or just customize the output file.

Moyea SWF4Tube Converter

3. Click “Convert” and then click “Play and Capture“. After the video finishes, click “Finish” button and then the conversion has completed.

Moyea SWF4Tube Converter

It saves a lot of time and energy with Moyea SWF4Tube Converter. You can easily get flv file from swf video without much to worry about.

No matter what method you use, after the conversion, the interactive function of the original videos will lose since flv files don’t have this feature. However, at least those methods can make convert swf to flv not such a headache.

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