5 Top Rated American TV Shows of All Time Selected for 5 Mosts

Just like Hollywood movie, American TV show also enjoys good reputations in the world arena. Comparing with Hollywood movie, American TV series is more realistic and believable in plots. Moreover, those TV shows not only help people to gain extraordinary entertaining experience but also to learn more about American daily life. Consequently, U.S. TV series turns out to be an invisible bridge that connects American culture and the world culture.

“Can someone introduce me some top rated American TV shows of all time?” It is a question that often raised by U.S. TV series enthusiast. Though there are various American TV shows, it takes time to figure out those top rated ones. In the vast sea of American TV series, it is hard to tell which one is the best one. However, once a judging standard is provided, it is much easier to find top rated American TV series of all time.

Consequently, one can pick out top rated American TV shows with various mosts such as “most exciting“, “most expensive” and “most annoying” Therefore, this post will present you five top rated American TV shows of all time selected for five mosts. Since the DVD versions of those TV shows are available, it is also a good idea to watch those DVDs on Google Nexus 7 by converting DVD files to AVI videos.

1. Most Popular American TV Show: Friends

Friends DVD

As the most popular American TV show, Friends not only dominated the TV market with six seasons out of ten seasons, but also gained the highest audience ratings in ten years with Season10 Episode18. Moreover, as the most popular TV series ever produced by NBC, Friends is also most favored U.S. TV series in some foreign countries. Today the whole DVD collection of Friends is sold in Amazon for $84.99.

The sitcom behemoth focuses on the interesting stories between six friends: spoiled but beautiful Rachel, knowledgeable and cute Ross, manipulative Monica, humorous Chandler and funny Joey. Most of the story in this American TV show happened in Central Park or their department. Moreover, with her performance in Friends, Jennifer Aniston started her success in Hollywood.  

2. Most Time-consuming American TV Show: Guiding Light

Guiding Light DVD

What is the most time-consuming American TV show in history? It is Guiding Light, a TV series that has lasted for from 1952 to 2009. With 56 seasons and 15000 episodes, Guiding Light had been credited by the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest running drama in television history. The TV series mainly focus on the stories of the middle class family Bauer family in a fictional town named Springfield.

3. Most Amazing American TV Show: Lie to Me

Lie to Me DVD

Since its release, Lie to Me is viewed as the most amazing American TV show, both for its plot and for its character design. There are various shocking points in this TV series, the so-called psychological analysis, micro-facial expression, the lying picture of celebrities and even the O Henry style ending. After watching Lie to Me, you can not only learn how to tell truth from false but also have a better understanding about American judicial system. However, due to decreasing audience rating, the TV show is ceased by FOX.

4. Most Unlucky American TV Show: Day One

Day One

As the most unlucky U.S. TV series, Day One is not as famous as it shall be because it is never aired. Originally directed as an American TV series with 13 episodes, Day One then reduced to 4-eposide TV show. On January 10, 2010, it was told to be aired as a TV movie for some reasons. However, till now, Day One has not yet been aired and rumors spread that it will never be aired. The story of Day One is about how apartment residents survived in a worldwide cataclysm.

5. Most Money-earning American TV Show: American Idol

American Idol DVD

Besides audience rating, the ability to win invest is another and probably the most important index to judge an American TV show. To this extent, the most money-earning American TV show, American Idol, is certainly the most successful American TV series of all time. From 2009 to 2012, American Idol has been ranked first as most profitable TV show in four successive years. In 2012, it can gain over 664 million dollars per half an hour. Moreover, American Idol is also a TV show that helps the world to know more about American life and American dream.

Therefore those are the top-rated American TV series of all time picked up by five mosts. Of course, with other criteria, one can get a list of another five top-rated American TV shows. For those who are interested in those TV series, they may just as watch them via TV or via DVD.  

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