2 Ways to Download SWF File for Free

SWF files are widely used online for advertisements and Flash games because of its interactivity so that audiences could operate it. Besides, SWF is popularly used for displaying animated vector graphics, creating menus for DVD movies and television commercials.

Usually a SWF file is very small in size, but all the stuffs that you have used to create the SWF file is embedded in the file. Simply with a SWF Decompiler, you are able to get all the SWF materials like shape, image, sound, font, text, button, frame, action and so on. So before you publish SWF games online, encrypt and protect SWF files is needed.

Back to our topic, if you find an amazing Flash game and want to save to your local drive for playing offline, how can you download SWF file? The guides below will show you 2 methods to download SWF files for free.

Method 1: Firefox and add-on

Being using Firefox for quite a long time, it is really easy to download online SWF files using Firefox. You know Firefox is powerful mainly because of its rich add-ons, which offers all kinds of functions and solutions for you. To download SWF files for free, you can use Adblock Plus.

Adblock Plus is widely known as ads remover on webpages. Ads have many kinds and Flash ads in SWF format is one of them. Flash ads are popular because it is small in size, vivid and interactive. So you can subscribe filters to remove these Flash ads and remain these normal Flash games in SWF format.

There will be a Block icon when you move your mouse on the Flash game, click it and you will get the URL of this game.



Copy and paste the URL to the location bar and click Save As to download the SWF file.



Method 2: Moyea Free Flash Downloader

Moyea Free Flash Downloader is initially designed to download online SWF files and SWF games with ease. This free flash downloader is also embedded in SWF to video converter for users to download online SWF files and then convert to popular video formats for enjoying on portable devices.

Run the program and directly paste the page URL of the SWF game in the URL address location.


Click Go and the program will automatically list all the SWF URLs found from that page. You can judge the SWF game URL by its name or choosing one to preview in the right built-in flash player.


Check the box before SWF URL to select only the SWF game file. Then click Download SWF button to select download folder and begin the download process.


Of course there are many other ways to download SWF file from web sites. If you have any free and easy-to-use methods, please leave a reply and share with us.

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