18 Favored iPad Mini Rumors Listed from A to R

After witnessing the release of long-rumored iPhone 5, Apple fans get little time to learn more about the latest iPhone mobile. In October, they need to pay more attention to the next market hit released by Apple, also known as iPad Mini. As the latest generation of iPad series, iPad Mini bears lofty expectation to become the new flagship of Apple tablet. Actually, though iPad Mini is yet aviailable, rumors about iPad Mini are powerful enough to thrill the world.

While the releasing date of iPad Mini is approaching, more and more reliable iPad Mini rumors have come out. In all those iPad Mini rumors, some are about its releasing date and price and some are about its hardware and network support. Therefore, after getting a collection of iPad Mini rumors, this post will show you 18 favored iPad Mini rumors listed from A to R.

iPad Mini

A stands for Apps: Without the support of interesting apps from App Store, iPad Mini will be merely an ordinary device. It is said an integrated Facebook app will be included and YouTube App will be excluded. Since Adobe Flash Player is not supported by iPad Mini, rumors come that alternative apps created by Apple will be available to make sure users can play Flash movie on iPad Mini freely.    

B stands for Battery: For multimedia tool like iPad Mini, duration time matters. Since the latest Apple devices like iPhone 5 and The new iPad all succeeded in prolonging duration time. It is a certain thing that iPad Mini will do the same. iPad Mini rumors come that the device will get a 42.5-watt-hour battery that can last for 12 hours.

C stands for Charger: Right after iPhone 5 changed the charger from a 30-pin one to an 8-pin one; rumors say that iPad Mini will get an 8-pin charger as well. That’s to say, no free 30-pin adapters for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.

D stands for Display: The display of a tablet plays an important role in luring consumers to pay for it. Therefore, the screen size of iPad Mini is one of consumers’ most concerned issues. Old rumors said the device would get a 7-inch Retina Display while the latest rumors stated a 7.85-inch Retina Display is on the way.

E stands for Estimated Date: Though it is almost a certain thing that iPad Mini will be released in October, the launch date is still unknown. There were old hoaxes that iPad Mini would be unveiled in June or July and there are new rumors that October 12 will be the right day. So far, it seems that October 17th is the right date.

F stands for Front Facer: Needless to say, iPad Mini will get a state-of-art 8 megapixel rear camera. However, people are curious about the front facer of iPad Mini. According to the new iPad Mini rumors, a 1.2-megapixel front camera is what fans can get.

G stands for 3G: Rumors come that iPad Mini will add support to 3G network so that it can run on older, more antiquated cellular networks after photos showing NanoSim tray included in the device’s inner-workings.

H stands for High Resolution: Generally speaking, high resolution is the biggest advantage Apple devices gain over other devices. Therefore, people get lofty expectation towards the resolution of iPad Mini. Some rumors say that iPad Mini will have a display owning a resolution of 1920×1080 while other say the screen resolution will reach to 1024×768.

I stands for iOS 6: After iPhone 5 become the first device running iOS 6, iPad Mini is likely to be another iOS 6 device. However, no one can be sure to that before the launching date of iPad Mini.

J stands for Jobs: It is said that iPad Mini will become the most successful Apple devices in post-Jobs era. There are also rumors that 10 million iPad Mini units have been in production and it will exceed iPad in sale.

K stands for Kindle Fire HD: When iPad Mini is released, it will compete with Kindle Fire HD in 8-inch market. After Kindle Fire HD release large-size tablet to compete with The new iPad, iPad Mini is a counterstrike from Apple.

L stands for Launch: Besides the launching date, the world is also curious about the new devices that will come along with iPad Mini. What else will come along with iPad Mini? According to new rumors, latest Apple TV is a potential candidate.

M stands for Maps: As one of the widely criticized apps of iOS 6, Apple Maps is quite disappointing. Therefore, rumors come that iPad Mini will have an improved Apple Maps. Though there are also rumors that Google Maps will be installed in iPad Mini, it is unlikely to happen here.

N stands for Name: Apple is not that kind of company that will follow suit in naming its products. Therefore, though iPad Mini is widely accepted as the new name, it is not sure whether it is the real name for the mini-version iPad. Of course, there are other iPad Mini rumors that offer other names like iPad HD, Mini new iPad and Mini iPad.

O stands for Operating System: Similar to iOS 6 in I section.

P stands for Price: It is certain that iPad Mini will be available in a lower price than that of The new iPad. According to latest rumors, the price of iPad Mini is estimated to be ranging from $250 to $300.

Q stands for Quad-core Processor: It is a pity that The new iPad is not a quad-core device. Therefore, most people believe iPad Mini will be equipped with quad-core processor to maintain its competitiveness. If it is true, iPad Mini will get quad-core A5 processor. However, there are chances that iPad Mini will be a device with dual-core A6 processor like iPhone 5.

R stands for Resolution: Similar to High Resolution in H section.

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